A Brand New Way 

What an excellent song, written by Warren Curtis and Jeff Greer. Wes and I were in the studio Saturday, and this song went somewhere totally different then what we pictured. You never know how things will end.


Break to a Breakup 

What a fun song to recording. Finished recording and my producer mixed it perfect.

Take a list to Break from a Breakup. Release date 02/15/2019.


New Country Album

I am so excited that "Friday in the USA" was the first song chosen to be released off of the new country album. Not only is it the title of my new album, but since it's Dec. release date it…

Friday in the USA

Working on my new album, Friday in the USA, written by Warren Curtis and Jeff Greer both BMI recognized writers.

This is going to be a new Country album with a few twist.